Nauticam M10 Blanking Plug for Extension Ring 21270 and Adaptor Rings 37301, 37303, 36401

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Nauticam M10 blanking plug. Compatible with the following extension rings:

  • 21270 Extension Ring 70 (serial number on or after A227954)
  • 37303 N100 to N120 35.5mm Port Adaptor (serial number on or after A336014)
  • 36401 N85 to N120 55mm Port Adaptor (serial number on or after A349112)

With this plug the opening needed for the focus wheel can be closed.
So if you don't need the focus control and it gets in the way more often than it is useful you can dismantle it and close the resulting hole with this blind plug.

Nauticam item number: 90147B

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