Weefine Macro Conversion Lens (Close-up) +6 with M67 thread

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High End Underwater Achromatic Close-Up Lens

The Weefine WFL08S Magnifier +6 (for DSLR with 60-105mm use) is a high-quality close-up lens specifically designed for underwater photographers and videographers, optimized for sensor sizes 36 mm x 24 mm (35 mm full frame).

The Weefine WFL08S +6 Close-up Macro lens is perfect for shooting close-up images of fish, corals, textures and more. The macro lens magnifies the subject and enables the camera to focus on short distances for creating super sharp images.



  • Product Description : Underwater Achromatic Close-up Lens
  • Lens Construction : 4 elements; 3 groups
  • Compatible Camera (Up to) : Sensor Size: 36mm X 24mm (35mm Full Frame)
  • Camera Lens: 60mm - 105mm
  • Diopter (Underwater Focal length) : +6 (166.67mm)
  • Working Distance : 80mm - 160mm (From 1st Lens Surface)
  • Max. Magnification : x1.5 (Area Ratio x2.25) w/105mm F2.8 Macro Lens
  • Glass I Coating : Optical Glass / Multi-Layer BBAR Coating
  • Lens Barrel : Aluminum with Type II Anodizing
  • Mounting : M67 X P0.75
  • Dimension :  Ø 72 X 54mm
  • Weight (Air) : 367g
  • Weight (Underwater) : 212g
  • Depth Rate : 60m (197ft)

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