Weefine Remote control for Smart Focus 6000 / Hydra / Divergo

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Art. N°: WFA03


Weefine Remote Control

This remote control allows the multifunctional Smart Focus 6000 light to be operated conveniently from the underwater camera handle.

Two Smart Focus 6000 can be operated simultaneously or individually.

With this underwater remote control it is quick and easy to reduce the light intensity. Or of course you can switch from white to red or the following programs.

Important: The remote control is connected to the light with an optical cable that has two Sea&Sea plugs at the ends. The cable is not included!

Well suited cables are those of X-Adventurer. These cables have two (instead of just one O-ring) for better grip. These optical cables cannot be disconnected by accident. They hold considerably better than classic ones with only one O-ring. They are available in short and long versions.


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