TRT Turtle 100 candela LED Modul Universal

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Turtle TTL-universal LED module 100 Candela. This TTL-LED module works with all Nauticam housings whose optical connection on top are designed as plugged in version. So there is a window inside the housing. Original Olympus cases for all PEN and OMD models are compatible with this module. This LED module also works perfectly with housings like those of Ikelite. The two 100 Candela Led lamps are mounted on a sliding support. Two round self-adhesive pads ensure a secure hold on the housing. This 2nd generation 100 Candela module delivers a significantly stronger signal than the 1st generation and thus guarantees perfect operation even with longer optical cables. Sea&Sea D2 flashes, which often caused problems (too weak optical receiver), can now be used with this module without problems. Important: For a perfect optical operation, a multicore fiber optic cable must be used urgently! We have achieved perfect results with Nauticam's new high-end optical cable Prod No.: 26216. This was specially developed for use with optical TTL triggers.

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