Weefine Macro Conversion Lens (Close-up) +13 with M67 thread

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Weefine WFL05S M67 +13

Underwater Achromatic Close-Up Lens

Lens Construction : 4 elements; 3 groups

Compatible Camera (Up to) : Sensor Size : 36mm X 24mm (135mm Full Frame)

Camera Lens: 60mm - 105mm

Diopter (Underwater Focal length) : +13 (76.92mm)

Working Distance : 60mm - 85mm (From 1st Lens Suface)

Max. Magnification : x2.5 (Area Ratio x6,25) with 105mm F2.8 Macro Lens

Glass / Coating : Optical Glass / Multi—Layer BBAR Coating

Lens Barrel : Aluminum with Type II Anodizing

Mounting : M67 X P0,75

Dimension : Ø71.6 X 42.4mm

Weight (Air) : 410g

Weight (Underwater) : 280g

Depth Rate : 60m (197ft)


  • WEEFINE WFLO5S is a high magnification professional underwater close-up lens which design for SLR photography. It comes with a high +13 diopter (Underwater) in optical power and allow the close-up shooting with a comfortable working distance 60mm - 85mm (From the front lens surface).
  • The maximum magnification is x2.5 (Area Ratio x  6,25) when using WFL05S with 105mm macro lens on a full frame SLR system.
  • The lens is designed by 4 high quality optical glasses. The achromatic doublet inside the system was cemented by high index flint glass and low dispersion glass. it helps to suppress chromatic and spherical aberration and the result is high contrast and low fringes image.
  • All glass lenses have been coated with Broadband Anti-Reflection (BBAR) Coating. Each lens surface is guaranteed to provide less than 0.5% reflectivity over the visible spectrum (420nm — 680nm).
  • All lens edges and spacers of WFL05S had been treated by matte black finish. To avoid internal reflection and ghost image.
  • The M67 X P0.75 thread mount allows the lens mounting directly on the camera waterproof housing with the same female thread mount. User can also attach the lens with suitable step—up or step-down ring.
  • It is recommended to use natural light, external strobe or video light with the WFL05S. The camera built-in flash may be blocked by the lens and causes partial underexposed image.

Install the WFLO5S as following steps:

1. Align the lens with the 67mm lens ring on the waterproof housing.

2. Turn the lens in clockwise direction until you feel it is tighten on the housing.

  • When using an external strobe, avoid the flash beam pointing directly to the lens. It helps to prevent the unwanted ghost image.
  • Do not impact the lens with large shock and vibrations or try to disassemble it, these will lead to damage or even flood the lens.
  • Do not place the lens inside an extreme environment for example inside a high temperature car compartment. boiling water or under direct sunlight. It may damage the sealing parts and eventually flooding.
  • Do not clean the lens with organic solvent or other chemicals. It may damage and degrade the coating on the lens.
  • Never look at the sun though the lens.
  • Attach the lens with appropriate force, improper installation may damage the thread on both the lens and the waterproof housing. To prevent corrosion, it is recommended to apply small amount silicone grease on the thread area.
  • Be careful while attaching the lens to the housing. Dust, dirt or any other particles caught on the lens may lead to its damage.


The optical performance of WFL05S is solely designed for underwater photography. Using on land will give unwanted aberration and shorten the shooting distance.

WFLO5S is already a very powerful close-up lens. It is not recommended to stack-up any close-up lens or magnifier glass in front of the WFLO5S.

Vignetting may occur on some camera and waterproof housing. Use the zoom function on the camera and zoom in until the dark corner disappear.

The thread mount on the lens is possible to remove and would not cause any damage to the lens.


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