Green Water Filter M46

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This color correction filter has a 46mm thread.
This filter alters the green color of the water (Freshwater) to give your subject a rich, natural tone.
It also enhances the contrast of underwater photographs.
Secures to the outside of the lens port offering easy installation and removal.

Note!  The filter should be used with available light only.
When using this filter make sure your flash is turned off.


Compatible with Olympus housings or any other major brands housings with a 46mm threaded lens port.
For example:

  • Olympus PT-014
  • Olympus PT-016
  • Olympus PT-017
  • Olympus PT-019
  • Olympus PT-021
  • Olympus PT-024
  • Olympus PT-026
  • Olympus PT-029
  • Olympus PT-030
  • Olympus PT-031
  • Olympus PT-032
  • Olympus PT-036
  • Olympus PT-039
  • Fantasea FP-5000

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