Inon UCL-165AD Close-up Lens

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UCL-165AD Close-up Lens


Focal length 165mm (+6 diopter) high magnification close-up lens with 165mm shooting distance from lens surface when camera's focus position is set to infinity. Using minimum focusing distance will shorten minimum shooting distance allowing you to get closer to a subject enabling high magnification close-up photography.

Dual use underwater / land and usable with all zoom range. Even at same shooting distance, it is easy to capture a subject at desired size by adjusting zoom setting.

The lens construction is 2 elements in 2 groups with high quality optical glass with inner coating to suppress optical aberrations more effectively and bring out optimal performance of combined master lens comparing to a lens using just one double-convex element.

It is possible to stack multiple UCL-165AD lenses to allow for even higher magnification macro imaging. You can capture micro-world in entire image.

Bayonet "AD Mount" compatible to support instant installation and speedy lens exchange underwater.

The UCL-165AD is attached on compatible camera / housing via "AD Mount Base", "28AD Mount Base"(*1) or "28AD Port" which is exclusively designed for each housing. For "28LD Mount Base"(*2) compatible housing, the UCL-165AD is attached on "28LD Mount Base" via "AD-LD Mount Converter for UCL-165AD".

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