Weefine Light Blue Filter for Weefine lights Smart Focus 3000/4000/5000/6000/7000

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Art. no.: WFA74


This filter is recommended for blue water in a depth range of 2-12 meters. The Weefine Ambient Filter WFA74 converts white video light to blue ambient light corresponding to a water depth of approximately 6 meters.

The filter fits the following lights from the Weefine Smartfocus series:

  •  Smart Focus 3000
  •  Smart Focus 4000
  •  Smart Focus 5000
  •  Smart Focus 6000
  •  Smart Focus 7000

Thanks to the three adjusting wheels, this filter can be adapted and used on lights that have an outer diameter of 55 - 59mm.
Thus, this ambient filter also works perfectly on Solas.

Category: Blue filter; Ambient filter, Blue filter for SOLA, White balance, Diving lamp, Underwater video light, Underwater flash, Underwater camera, Weefine - Switzerland

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