Spiral cord with stainless steel snap-spring - light green

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Art. no.: SR-01
Model: 1051


Spring Coiled Lanyard with Quick Release Buckle

Ideal for attaching the underwater camera to the jacket.
The safety device for everything you hold dear when diving. Attach your underwater camera, white balance plate and anything else you don't want suddenly lying on the seabed.

The spiral cord can be shortened with a clip and released again at any time with one hand. The UW camera loop can be easily pulled to arm's length.
The chrome steel carabiner has a real "bite" and cannot be accidentally activated (unlocked). Thanks to its "hookless" design, it can be easily operated and released with one hand.

Category: Accessories; underwater camera safety device, attachment, spiral cord, pull-out safety device, Inox - spiral rope, lanyard, X-Adventurer - Switzerland

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