X-Adventurer 52mm & 67mm Single Lens Holder

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Art. no.: LH-01


X-Adventurer double lens holder with M52 and M67 thread in one.

Very stable full metal construction.
This cleverly designed dual lens holder, has one M67 threaded mount and one M52 threaded mount. So you can use the two most popular lens threads available on the market. The F52 thread is slightly deeper and does not get in the way of the F67 thread.

The F67 thread can also be used with an M67 magnet holder e.g: WFA58-H, or a bayonet system such as that of Nauticam (83213). Corresponding wet attachment lenses with M67 or M52 thread can of course be attached directly to it.

This lens holder can be perfectly attached to X-Adventurer arms.



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