Fantasea Lens Holder 67mm for UL arm

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The Lens Holder 67mm for UL-Type Arm is a lens holder that attaches to Flat UL-TYPE 1'' ball arms and allows for secure attachment of 67mm accessory lenses when they are not in use. 


  • Material: Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • Dimensions (D x H): 74.7 x 17.5 mm / 2.94 x 0.69 inch 
  • Weight: 53 g / 1.87 oz 
  • Included in box: Lens Holder, short screw and long screw


  • Mounts on Flat UL-TYPE 1'' ball arms. 
  • For securing two wet lenses, two lens holders can be mounted opposite each other on the same arm.
  • Can be converted to a bayonet lens holder by mounting the Bayonet Female on M67 Housing MB1 (Cat. No. 4050) on the lens holder.

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