Weefine 1" Ball mount for Ring Light and Clamp Pro

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Art. no.: WFA27


WFA27 Ball mount for Ringlight 1000, Ringlight 3000, Clamp Pro, Weefine handles.

Extends the possibilities of the ring light or the clamp Pro.
With this ball adapter, which fits to the Weefine 3000 ring light and to the Weefine clamp "pro" various accessories can be attached.
A snootsystem can be attached to the Weefine ringlight. At the clamp Pro a pilot light can be attached directly beside the underwater flash.
The extension ball can also be attached to the handles of all Weefine handle systems.
Up to four balls can be used per single handle.
So you suddenly have an undreamt-of number of possibilities to use Pilotlight, Snoot. Flash, video light and lens holder on a handle to attach.

It is a classic 1" ball (25mm).

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