Weefine tray with dual handle and 1" balls

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Weefine underwater camera double handle with two 1" ball connections

Very stable full metal double handle, suitable for all compact cameras and their housings available on the market.
This handle is also perfect for the Weefine Smart Housings. (WFH01 and WFH02).
This underwater camera handle system is very comfortable to hold with the ergonomically shaped handles.

At the top of each handle there are 1" inch ball connectors attached. They offer the possibility to attach all common ball arms to them.
Both handles are mounted on a variable width transition piece. This allows the handle width to be comfortably adapted to your personal taste. It is also possible to remove a handle when not in use.

Between handle and BJ ball, with both handles, it has in each case 3 thread connections, which makes a mounting of brackets possible. They are used as holders for remote controls, shutter triggers, etc.
The Weefine lens holders type WFA50 can be screwed on directly. If necessary, three per handle.
To fasten a safety loop, each BJ ball has a hole underneath. A "lanyard" can also be attached to this.

The base plate is equipped with two standard "¼" (tripod) screws. Their position in width can be adjusted by sliding.
In the middle of the base plate there is an additional mounting possibility for camera housings with only one tripod thread. The housing can be moved variably, slightly forwards or backwards.

Nice detail: The handles can be adjusted to your own taste with different coloured O-rings. The purpose of these O-rings is to provide a better grip.

Scope of delivery
- Base plate
- 2x handles
- 2x 1 inch BJ-ball
- 3x 8 Handle O-Rings (red, light blue, purple)
- Allen wrench

Technical data:
- width with two handles: minimum 280mm, maximum: 345mm
- Handle height: without ball: 145 mm, with ball: 205mm
- Depth: minimum:35mm / max. 50mm
- Weight: 588 gram


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