WeeFine Optical Collector with M52 thread (for Smart Focus 6000/7000)

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Weefine optical light concentrator.

The "optical Collector" can be screwed to the front of the Smart Focus 6000, the result is an impressive, strong and compact light beam with a beam angle of approx. 20°.
This "Snoot" works according to a new optically solved principle. SO, light is strongly focused by means of lenses using a complex optical process. The large illumination angle of the luminaire is thus bundled into a spotlight.
This practical look can also be used as snoot. Together with the remote control, it makes the Weefine Smart Focus 6000 the largest "light all-rounder" currently available on the market.
There is no other lighting system that can match the many possibilities of this system.

Technical data:

  • dimensions: 52mm X 70mm
  • Weight: 110g

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