Fantic photo frame with T-adapter

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The photo frame for a variety of underwater camera housings (housing max. Width 30cm / max. Height 23cm).

This complete bracket-frame system offers the following key benefits:

  • much more stability = sharp photos
  • comfortable wearing of the underwater housing
  • the housing can be served much more convenient and safer to another person (for example) during boat dives
  • Protection of the housing (flash connection, etc.)
  • comfortable foamed rubber grip
  • completely flexible expandable *

* Already included are 2 T1-pieces for direct mounting of eg Flex arm or lens holder
for attachment of auxiliary lenses, Ball Adapter (for ball arms).

T1-pieces or other / additional adapter - for example, Hot Shoe or Multi-Base E, will also be mountable on top of the bracket, (Thanks to appropriate wells).

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