Isotta Macro Port H72 mit M67 Gewinde für Isotta MIL Gehäuse

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Product details

Macro lens porthole in optical glass, with threaded end M67 adapter for additional lens to make your picture amazing. To be mounted directly on the housing or with extension rings with bayonet 102mm.

What's included

  • Macro port M67
  • Plastic front cover protection
  • PVC rear protecting cap
  • 2 O-Ring seals
  • 2 years warranty

Technical data

  • Material: black anodized anticorodal aluminum
  • Material: Optical glass
  • Double O-Ring seals
  • Max depth: 100 metres
Spare parts
  • AS598 – Replacement O-Ring set
  • AS793 – Neoprene protection
  • AS728 – Rear cap protection

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