Xit 404 Tripod Leg with Twist Clamp Kit

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Art. Nr: TL200200


The Xit 404 Tripod 20P Leg Kit (20% lighter than last model) w/Twist Clamp is a novel design that eases the job of loosening and tightening the leg. Simply twist the leg a few turns, adjust the position of the leg and twist the leg to tighten. The leg, collapsed measures 8" and extends to 18". The foot is made of Delrin to survive heavy abuse. The Twist Clamp fits on any standard 1" diameter ball. Sliding parts are made from aluminum and hard anodized for long life. There are two plastic knobs for extending the two sections of the leg, they are easy on the hands and work well with gloves.

Out of water (dry), one leg weighs 0.61 lbs. (9.8 oz)

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