Rotfilter M52

88.00 CHF / Pz.
incl. 8.1% Tasse
Magazzino: 5
Art. n.: FL-Ft-R-M52


The red filter is especially suitable for seawater (blue water).

The filter has a M52mm thread and is screwed directly to the housing.
This underwater magic filter brings color and contrast to the UW image.

Tip: Optimum results can be achieved by performing a manual white balance.

This M52 red filter is suitable for the following housings:

  • Olympus PT-034
  • Olympus PT-038
  • Olympus PT-043
  • Olympus PT-048
  • Olympus PT-053
  • Olympus PT-056
  • Olympus PT-058
  • Olympus PT-059

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