Dive Holster Neopren mit 2 Beintaschen + 2 Edelstahl-Ringen

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Neoprene Dive Holster  with 2 large leg pockets & stainless steel D-Rings

These leg pockets are made from high quality neoprene and have a very large volume. This makes it easy to store compact underwater cameras with the appropriate housing. Attachment lenses - when not in use - also really big ones like Nauticam WWL-1, MWL-1, Weefine WFL-01 and WFL-02, Inon UWL-H100 class with a dome, Ikelite WD-3 and WD-4, etc.
These leg pockets can be "buckled on" easily and quickly with Velcro. Additionally a wide Goretex belt with two large stable stainless steel D-rings is included. Both the D-rings and the entire belt can be removed when not in use.
When developing this clever transport solution for the water, snorkelers and freedivers were the special focus. This is now THE solution for anyone who wants to take something bigger with them in the water without having to hold it permanently in their hand.
Of course, these diving leg bags will accommodate any water sports enthusiast who wants to carry and safely stow products such as cameras, attachment lenses, mobile phone housings, etc. with them.
For those who want to play it safe, the material to be stowed can be secured using the D-rings.

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