SeaLife Sea Dragon 2100 SF photo / video / dive light head

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Sea Dragon 2100 Photo/Video/Dive Light Head

Built in Dual Beams
Not only does the versatile Sea Dragon 2100 Dual Beam provide 2100 lumens across a wide 100-degree beam (75-degree underwater) but it instantly transforms into an 800 lumen 15-degree spot (11.25 degree underwater) with just the push of a button.
The variable-power flood beam is ideal for illuminating your photo or video subject, while the more focused beam of the spot light can reach a greater distance.

Bring out bright colors in underwater photos and video
The one-button operation of the Sea Dragon 2100 Dual Beam allows for quick and easy cycling of desired output and beam angle, with three flood beam strength settings and a full power, 800 lumen spot. With a lab verified lumen output of 2100, the light has a 60 minute burn time at full power - making it incredibly efficient as well as bright.

Easily expand with Flex-Connect
Easily expand the light head with Flex-Connect Trays, Grips and and other accessories. Flex-Connect allows you to quickly and easily transform your camera set from compact to full-featured in just seconds with just a "click!" Also available as a set with Flex-Connect Micro Tray, Grip and compact case (Item SL670).


  • Dual Beam - Powerful 2100 lumen flood light and 800 lumen spot light using 7x CREE XM-L2 LEDs
  • One button control for easy operation - one button to power light on/off, select brightness and switch beam angle
  • Four brightness levels: 100% Flood, 50% Flood, 25% Flood and 100% Spot
  • Hidden emergency signal mode: 1 second blink interval and SOS Morse code60 minute burn time at full power and constant brightness
  • Depth rated to 200 feet/60 meters - Guaranteed
  • Easy to expand with Flex-Connect™ trays, grips and Flex Arms, handle, Y-S, ball joint, cold shoe and other accessories
  • Quick-release button to detach light and aim in crevices and hard to reach areas
  • 100° wide beam angle and 15° spot beam angle (67°  flood and 10° spot)
  • Corrosion-proof metal light head for heat dispersion and durability
  • Removable 25W Li-Ion battery w/ charger and international plug adapters included
  • Waterproof battery compartment - even if the O-ring seal fails, the battery compartment is isolated so water cannot reach the internal electronics

In the Box:

  • Sea Dragon 2100 Dual Beam Underwater Photo/Video/Dive Light head
  • 25Wh Lithium Ion rechargeable battery
  • AC Power Adapter, charging tray, and international plug adapters
  • Spare O-rings, O-ring lubricant, O-ring removal tool
  • Instruction manual


  • Body Material - Anodized aluminum light head with fiber-reinforced polycarbonate body
  • Light Source/Bulb Type - 7 x 3W LED Light (CREE XML2 LEDs)
  • Brightness - 2100 lumens (maintains brightness throughout burn time at full power)
  • Effective Range - 4 ft/1.2 m (depends on camera model and visibility)
  • Brightness Levels - Full power (100%), half power (50%), and quarter power (25%)
  • Button Control - Long push (1 sec) to power light on/off; Short push cycles through 100% Flood → 50% Flood → 25% Flood → 100% spot →100% Flood [repeat cycle]
  • Light Modes - Constant light or emergency signal light (activated by long push of power button); one second flash or SOS at full power
  • Color Temperature - 5300 ~ 5700K
  • Color Rendering Index - 70
  • Beam Angle - 100° wide (flood) and 15° (spot)  (67° flood and 10° spot)
  • Battery - Lithium Ion 7.4V, 3400 mAh, 25Wh (included)
  • Battery Charge Time - 170 minutes
  • Run Time - 60 minutes at full power/120 minutes at half power/240 minutes at quarter power
  • Depth - Tested to 200 feet/60 meters
  • Dimensions - 5.1" x 2.2" x 3.8" (13.0cm x 5.6cm x 9.7cm), head only
  • Weight - 15.9 ounces (450 grams), head only
  • Bulb Life - 35,000 hours
  • O-ring - Dual NBR o-rings (lube included)
  • Buoyancy - Negative

Avoid using this Sea Dragon light above water for prolonged periods of time
The light is designed for underwater use and water is needed to displace heat. The metal light head at full power will reach temperature of about 140F (60C) degrees within a few minutes, which may cause burning if touched. A thermal sensor will automatically dim the light if internal temperatures reaches 150F (65C) degrees. Immediately turn off light if any parts of the light become hot to the touch.

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