Inon Wireless Connection Kit

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"Z-330" / "D-200" /"S-2000" / "Z-240 Type4" / "D-2000 Type4" strobe has ultra sensitive slave sensor and successfully enables to support wireless "S-TTL Auto" flash control without fiber optics.

When you attach INON wireless connection compatible strobe on "Grip Base D4 Set" / "Shoe Base M6" / "Shoe Base II + Z Joint", reliable and highly-accurate S-TTL Auto mode has been further evolved enabling wireless connection to benefit you external strobe shooting with handy system.
Camera Mirror on the housing reflects built-in flash light to upward, and Mirror Unit (strobe) transmit built-in flash light to the Slave Sensor on an external strobe.
If a strobe attached to other compatible strobe connected to a camera system as sub-strobe, and flash modes is External Auto mode or Manual mode, Mirror Unit (strobe) assist ensure proper operation.


This Wireless connector kit is included in the S-2000 strobe package. Necessary optional product to use "wireless connection" with "Z-330" / "Z-240 Type4" / "D-2000 Type4".

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