Inon S-2000 Underwater strobe

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Digital slave strobe with exposure control circuit. Guide number: 20. 100º circular beam, advanced pre-flash cancel circuitry, S-TTL Auto, External Auto, 24 step manual adjustment to fine tune exposure. Weight: 295 (earth) / 43 g (water). Depth rated to 100 m.

Highly advanced new generation strobe with multiple flash modes, including S-TTL, 24-step External Auto, 13-step Manual & Nikonos TTL for film camera support. Light, compact body, with powerful 20 Guide Number (ISO 100, Air x 1 meter; GN=65/feet), 100 degree circular beam, advanced pre-flash cancel circuitry, compatible with INON “Clear Photo System.”
Fiber optic connection for reliability and compatibility.
The ideal strobe for point-and-shoot digital camera systems.


Ultra Multimode - multiple flash exposure modes to suit many camera types and shooting styles.
S-TTL: Automatic TTL first shot accurate exposure as simple as pressing the shutter button with digital cameras using a pre-flash. Easy operation for users wanting point-and-shoot convenience without setting camera and strobe controls. Compatible with most digital cameras having a pre-flash. Just set the camera to P Mode and "force flash", and the strobe to S-TTL and start shooting.
- External Auto: Just match the strobe's aperture value to the camera's and start shooting. If necessary, fine tune exposure with 24 steps of control. In “External Auto” the D-2000 itself automatically adjusts for correct flash output amount and “proper” exposure. Just set the strobe’s aperture to match the camera’s aperture value. It is not necessary to rely on the camera’s automatic flash adjustment control. With dual strobes, subtly vary light output to each strobe to freely control shadows according to your artistic intention.
- Manual: 13 steps of manual flash output control - the most of any strobe available. Controllable in 1/2EV increments, for high level professional quality lighting.
- Nikonos TTL: TTL support for film cameras having conventional Nikonos TTL circuitry, or those having conversion circuitry compliant with the Nikonos protocol.

  • High Power: Guide Number 20 (ISO 100, Air x 1 meter; GN=65/feet).    
  • Wide Beam Angle: 105 x 95 degrees. –0.5 Diffuser increase coverage to 110 degrees.
  • Advanced Cancel Circuit  In External Auto and Manual Modes when using pre-flash type cameras, the circuit reproduces the camera’s pre-flash, but at higher intensity for optimum underwater performance, faster internal strobe recycle time, quicker follow-up shots, and longer battery life.
  • “Clear Photo System”
    “Clear Photo System” (Patent Pending) reduces backscatter caused by light coming from the camera’s internal strobe illuminating suspended particles in front of the lens, enabling clearer, higher quality images. First, place a “Clear Photo Filter” over the camera’s internal flash. This filter blocks visible light, only allowing non-visible wavelengths to pass though. Accordingly, there is no visible light to illuminate the particles in front of the lens. The non-visible light is picked up by a fiber optic cable and relayed to the strobe, triggering a flash output. Clear Photo Film is included with INON “Optical D Cable/Cap Sets” available for various camera/housing systems.
  • 1.8 second recycle time with 520 full power flashes per set of NiMH batteries. Uses commonly available AA Alkaline, Nicad, NiMH, Lithium and Oxyride batteries.
  • Diffuser System Increase beam angle from 100 to 110 degrees and soften light quality.

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